Jekar bijli free hundi ta fer ki huna si aa dekho

In this video clip you can see Jekar bijli free hundi ta fer ki huna si aa dekho.Nikola Tesla in his laboratory at 46 & 48 East Houston Street, New York City, a few blocks south of Washington Square. He is shown holding a gas-filled, phosphor-coated, wireless light bulb that he developed to replace the inefficient Edison incandescent lamp. The lamp is 250 candlepower, providing the total illumination for a two-second exposure. It is a type of lamp which we refer to today as a fluorescent lamp. Circa mid-1896.

This light is the result of continuous efforts since my early experimental demonstrations before scientific societies here and abroad. In order to make it suitable for commercial use, I had to overcome great difficulties.The light offers, besides, many specific advantages, not the least of which is found in its hygienic properties. It is, I believe, the closest approach to daylight which has yet been reached from any artificial source.Dekho eh video te share kro.

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