Jado uddey jahaz da mukea tail

A Vistara flight from Mumbai to Delhi with 153 on board ended up in a precarious situation on Monday when it was diverted to Lucknow and landed with very low fuel levels. Vistara Airlines has told NDTV that the flight could have managed only 10 more minutes in the air before running out of fuel.The aircraft had barely 300 kg of fuel left when it touched down at Lucknow airport. With the fuel situation onboard increasingly critical,the pilots declared a “Fuel Mayday”, indicating the seriousness of their situation to the Air Traffic Control.

Usually, an Airbus A-320 NEO flight covering the Mumbai-Delhi distance lands with enough fuel for approximately 60 extra minutes of flight.This extra fuel carried onboard is used if the aircraft has to divert to alternate airports for emergency cases.However,the A-320 NEO aircraft was not carrying enough fuel to travel the extra distance due to the diversion.Eh video ch dekho kida ik jahaz da tail khtam hon hi wala si ke osdi amejency landing karoni pai.

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