Eh video nu lakha lok dekh chuke ne

In this video clip you can see Eh video nu lakha lok dekh chuke ne.This video is show Scary thing caught on camera.A ghost sometimes known as an apparition,haunt,phantom,poltergeist,shade,specter or spectre,spirit,spook,and wraith is the soul or spirit of a dead person or animal that can appear to the living.

In ghostlore,descriptions of ghosts vary widely from an invisible presence to translucent or barely visible wispy shapes, to realistic,lifelike forms.Eh video nu kamjor dil wale na dekhan te eh video nu jo v dekhe apne risk te hi dekhe fer na kaheo ke dasea nai.Video dekh ke daseo kida di lagi te apne vichar dena na bulna.We full hope you like this video clip very much,so watch this video clip and enjoy it.Thanks for watching this video clip.

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