Aurata dia boliyan sunke hassa nai rukna tada

In this video clip you can see Aurata dia boliyan sunke hassa nai rukna tada.This is punjabi funny boliyan in the village.These boliyan are usually passed down generation by generation orally.This forms a continuous and successive chain,each generation being taught by its predecessor.It is through this process that boliyan have been refined and passed on from long ago.

Now,boliyan have been fused with Bhangra music to spread all over the world to North America and Great Britain,as well as to Australia and New Zealand and are mixed with all the cultures they interact with.This has created a modern, urban style bhangra genre that is listened to by more than just North Indians.Eh video ch dekho ehina aurta ne jo boliya paia oh sunke tusi heran ho jaoge.We full hope you like this video clip very much,so watch this video clip and enjoy it.Thanks for watching this video clip.

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