Assaulted by ‘fan’ for not allowing him on stage: Guru Randhawa

Punjabi pop-singer Guru Randhawa on Tuesday alleged that a man assaulted him in Vancouver after he refused to let him on stage while the singer was performing at a show.

Randhawa was attacked at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre, in downtown Vancouver on Sunday. Randhawa claimed that a “Punjabi man” punched him which left him with four stitches on his right eyebrow. The singer also said he was back in India.

“That man was trying to come on stage again and again and then he started fighting with everyone backstage. He was known to the local promoter Surinder who sent him away during the show,” read a tweet from the Randhawa’s account.
However, the man managed to assault Randhawa after the show ended causing him to bleed from his forehead.

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