Gagan Kokri Di Model Naal Dekho Ki Hoya

This is not common in Punjab but such incidents have been widely seen in B-town. Though the team has clearly asked everyone to stop recording but some obviously could not resist sharing this clip with the world!
Ehdech kisdi galti hai? Kya eh sab planned si? Tuhanu ki lagda hai?

Gagan Sandhu is one busy man these days. Not just his singing career, now even his actor self is pretty occupied. With Yaara Ve’s first look just round corner, Gagan Kokri is reaping the fruit of his passion and sheer hard work.

A native of village Kokri Kalan in the Moga district of Punjab, Gagan Sandhu changed his last name to Kokri to give his village respect and recognition. As a young generation artist, he has covered a long distance in the Punjabi showbiz industry. He entered the music industry as a lead model in the song ‘Tera Cheta’ which became one of the biggest hits in the ‘Punjabi sad songs’ category in the year 2012.

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