Dekho kine lakh de veche ehina ne bache

In this video clip you can see Dekho kine lakh de veche ehina ne bache.Mystery has deepened over the disappearance of two siblings from Kheri Gandian village of Ghanaur block in the district with the Patiala police still groping in the dark even as six days have passed.

The brothers,Hasandeep and Jashandeep,aged 6 and 10,respectively,went missing on Monday.Though the police on Saturday morning recovered the body of a child from Sarala head of Bhakra canal,the family has not identified the body.The body was recovered from the canal just a few kilometers away from the village.Police said some family members and villagers had first identified it.Dekho eh video ch kida nike nike bachea nu agwa karke ehina bandea ne vech dita te fer ehina da haal ki kita pind walea ne oh v deklo.

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