Dekho eh bande ne kine te kyu dite paise ik rat de

Kim Kardashian is allegedly being offered $1m to spend the night partying with a Saudi prince.It is rumoured the celebrity has been asked to fly out to Saudi Arabia in January as a special guest of the Saudi royal family.According to reports she was sent a proposal by a Saudi prince on her Instagram,offering her’one million per night’.Adel Al Otaib,allegedly a member of the Saudi royal family,reportedly wrote.’I’m Saudi and I’ll pay you one million per night Mai’,according to MailOnline.

The 34-year-old,who has one daughter with rapper Kanye West,has not officially confirmed whether or not she has accepted the invite.Previously Mrs Kardashian West has been paid $500,000 to attend the 2013 Vienna Ball as the date of 81 year old billionaire Richard Lugner.Dunia ch ameer ta bande bhot dekhe honge tusi per eh banda dekho te ehde shonk v dekho te video nu share krna na buleo.

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