Canada bare aa ki keh dita hun bibiya ne dekho

In this video clip you can see Canada bare aa ki keh dita hun bibiya ne dekho.This video show Life of Punjabi women in Canada and Canada is one of the most beautiful destination in the world and there are plethora of beautiful sights which everyone would love to see. Canada is also very famous for Punjabi community because there are lots of Punjabi people who lives their. It also know as mini Punjab.

Here is a short video about opinion of Punjabi women and their life in Canada.Another episode of Life in Canada (epi-9).Life Of Indian Women’s in Canada is not that much people,new atmosphere and new values,it is not easy to change the mindset in the age of 80’s.listen what Indian Women’s are saying about life in Canada.Eh video ch kuj eida da keha budiya aurta ne ke sab heran ho gaye.

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