Kudia nu kaliya bhar auna chida hai ja nai sunlo

In the 1980s,in the northern town of Williams Lake,B.C.,three young sisters suffered in silence.Unbeknown to the rest of their tightly knit Indo-Canadian family,all three were being by an older male relative who lived with them.That was the impetus for Jeeti and sisters Kira and Salakshana,now in their forties and fifties,to tell their family and eventually to report it to policeThey called him “bhaji,”meaning brother.

For nearly three decades,they carried the secret.They were afraid to say anything because they wanted to be seen as good girls who adopted the subservient role expected of women in Punjabi culture,and they worried how it would reflect on the family if they spoke up.Dekho aa ki hund aa reha si ik india to ghi choti hundea kudi nal vadi hoi ta sarea nu pata lgg gea hun dasi sari kahani osne.Video dekho te share kro.

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