Life in Canada For Women – easy or tough?

Last Sunday, one of the leading newspapers of Punjab, the Tribune, came out with the main feature about the exodus of the educated youth from Punjab. The impact of the educated young people leaving the area in such massive numbers can be devastating. However, many pseudo intellectuals and pseudo Marxists are not only justifying this mass migration which mainly serves the interests of the imperialist countries but are presenting migration as the only solution for the unemployed youth.

Canada is the number one destination for the migrating youth. An official of the Canadian embassy was clearer about the situation than many of the so called intellectuals. The official said that Canada needs these people because of the low fertility rate and falling population. The official said that we want to make clear to our people that these people are coming to Canada to do the jobs which our people do not want to do so that there is no such feeling in our people that these migrants will take away their jobs. The official also blamed the travel agents for misleading the people.

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