Aa ki ho gea dekho viral video

In this video clip you can see Aa ki ho gea dekho viral video.A woman who delivered at a hospital in Amritsar,Punjab, alleged that she and her husband were told they have a son.Upon checking the gender of the child much later,the couple discovered that their baby was a girl and not a boy.The shocked parents have lodged a complaint with hospital authorities claiming that their child has been swapped.

The matter came to light when Gurpreet and his wife checked the gender of the newborn hours after being given the baby.Gurpreet claimed that hospital authorities had called him earlier congratulating him and his wife for giving birth to a boy. But soon after, the couple realised that they had a female child.Aa dekhlo ji loka da v aukha hun hasptaal ch aa kam hon lagg paye koi jkeen v nai kar sakda,video dekh ke udd jange hosh.

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