Do ublea andea da bill dekho kina

This Mumbai Hotel Charged Rs 1700 For 2 Boiled Eggs,Social Media In Uproar & Shock.After the controversy over Rs 442 worth of two bananas charged by JW Marriott in Chandigarh,it is the turn of this Mumbai hotel,which charged Rs 1700 for two boiled eggs.Social media is shocked and in an uproar over this ridiculous pricing.Canada based 5-star hotel chain.Four Seasons Hotel in Mumbai recently gave a bill to a customer,which is being widely circulated shared because of the prices mentioned.

The customer was charged Rs 1700 for two boiled eggs,which boils down to Rs 850 for one egg, and everyone is shocked over this ridiculous pricing.In the bill,there are other egg-related items as well,such as omelette,which again has been charged Rs 850 per egg.In short,any egg-related item is charged Rs 850 per egg,where as a diet Coke has been charged Rs 260.Aa dekhlo haal aape india da ki karde ne lok eh video bhot viral ho reha hai ke do uble hoe andea da rate 1700 cutea ik hotel ch castmar kolo.

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