Stage te nachdi dancer di jado salwar utar ghi ta

In this video clip you can see Stage te nachdi dancer di jado salwar utar ghi ta.This is viral video and this video show what happened with dancer when one girl performence on the stage.Punjabi Dramas are semi-improvised comedy stage plays popular in the Punjab region of Pakistan.

The plays are scripted but actors and performers are given enough freedom to add humor along the way while staying within boundaries.

Punjabi dramas are characterized by taunts which are almost entirely of an adult nature,although this is at many times done through word play which implies something else.

Eh video ch dekho ik kudi nal ki hoeya jado oh stage te dancer kar rahi si ke osdi salwar utar ghi te fer eh video social media te bhot hi jada viral ho gea.Hun eh video nu lok bhot var dekh rahe ne per eh video purani hai do sal.Video pakistani darame di hai jis ch ik gane te dance kardea kudi nal eida da kamm hoeya.

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