Dekho kyu karde ne pindwale lok eida

In this video clip you can see Dekho kyu karde ne pindwale lok eida.This is virl video and this video show why this village people all child girls and womens bay another mens.Shivpuri is a city and a commissioner in Shivpuri district located in the central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh.It is in the Mumbai Division of northwest Madhya Pradesh and is the administrative headquarters of Shivpuri District.It is situated at an altitude of 1,515 feet (462 m) above sea level.Shivpuri district shares a border with Jhansi in Uttar Pradesh towards the east and Rajasthan towards the west.Many families in India still mourn the birth of a girl.

But when Leena was born,people celebrated.In Sagar Gram,her village in central India,girls outnumber boys.Women are Sagar Gram’s breadwinners.When a woman marries,it is the groom’s family that pays the dowry.When they are old enough, perhaps at the age of 11,many are expected to enter into the girls.Girls in Sagar Gram,which lies next to a highway,are groomed for this life virtually from birth.Parents decide which of their daughters will fetch the best price.Older girls teach them how to attract customers from passing trucks and cars.The younger ones sometimes stow under beds,observing the others at work.Eh pind de lok ki karn hai ke sariya kudia te janania nu vech dinde ne.

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