Munde ne pyar da jhansa deke Russian ladki naal kita dhokha

In this video clip you can see Munde ne pyar da jhansa deke Russian ladki naal kita dhokha.This is very shocking and viral video and this video show what happened whne one boy do russian girl faroud the see what is real truth told indian boy about this russian girl.A date with Indian culture turns into marriage for a Russian girl as she decides to start her life away from her country.

Katrina married to Marathi boy with both Indian and Russian traditions in Bordi village in Maharashtra.She wants to live in a family and take the responsibility like a Indian wife.All this started during a visit to Vadodara when Katrina along with her friend Julia attended the marriage here.

Both the girls enjoy the Indian hospitality and were so impressed that Katrina decided to settle down here.Eh video ch dekho ik bharti munde ne ik vadesi kudi nal ki kita ja oss kudi ne ehde nal ki kita.Ki hai asal ch sari sachai dekho eh viral video te share kro vad to vad te apne apne vichar v deo change mare te dekh ke daso tanu ki lagda munda juth bol reha hai ja oh bhar vali kudi juth bol rahi hai.

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