Peo apni hi dee nal karda reha galt kamm te maa vi saath dindi rahi

In this video clip you can see Peo apni hi dee nal karda reha galt kamm te maa vi saath dindi rahi.Uttar Pradesh, where a 22-year-old girl has made serious allegations of on her parents,which has surprised everyone.The victim has said that her father her for more than a decade with the consent of her mother.His mother even gave him contraceptive pills.

The girl,who lives in Chinhat,on the outskirts of Lucknow,told the police that she had fired her but when her father started to exploit her younger sister,she boldly contacted the police and told her all the details.The police have since registered a case against the 44 year old accused father for his two daughters.

Meanwhile,the police have arrested the mother of the girl involved in the crime and the father mother too in the case.Aa dekho ji kalyug hi aa gea eh ta video ch ik peo ne apni dhee nal eida da kamm kita ke dekh ke sunke sab de hosh udd jange te maa v dindi rahi sath peo daa.Kudi nu nend dia golia de de ke karudni rahi galth kammohde nal.Video dekho te share kro te apne vichar v deo vad to vad per eh video bache na dekhan.

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