Aa sach hi keha aa kuj kardia canada ch kudia

See in the video how life in canada indians girls students.Before coming here,I was worried how I would be accepted in a totally different culture.But after staying here for almost four months,I can definitely say that Canadians are very welcoming in nature in general.I have one Canadian friend who is from Alberta only,is very congenial and tells me about different Canadian practices,foods,festivals.

He also is interested about Indian culture and often asks me questions which I am glad to answer always.However, these situations are subjective to personalities.I am very open-minded and don’t believe in any religion,so do my friend.So we have sort of same wave-length in that perspective.I would advice to you to have a liberal mind-set even if you are not an atheist.Being compassionate is a good start.Eh bande ne jo dasea hai oh koi nai dass sakda te eh sach v hai ke eida hi hunda bhar canada ch kudia kardia ne bahr aa ke.Video dekho te share kro.

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