Neeru Bajwa da dekho eh viral video

Neeru Bajwa is a Canada born Indian actress,director and producer associated with Punjabi cinema.Phoonk was spooky by Indian horror standards and was let down by a finale swathed in melodramatic mumbo-jumbo.The sequel is scarier,but again let down by a weak ending.Phoonk ended with the death of Madhu,who had cast a black magic spell on Raksha,the daughter of Rajiv and Aarti.The film moves swiftly and doesn’t shy away from showcasing the ruthlessness of the avenging spirit.The murders are gory and bloody,and the viewer is at the edge of the seat for the most part.The hand-held camera moves stealthily through the home,while the background score builds up the impending scare nicely.

There are some nice spooky touches like the unlikeliest among the characters being the one whom the spirit possesses. Frightened children up your anxiety,as the body count climbs.The follow up and the story off movie begins with Madhu?s spirit coming back for revenge.The family,perfectly happy like in advertisements,has just moved to a new location.With a dense forest in the back of the deserted bungalow,and an uninhabited beach overlooking it,the scene is set for chills.

One by one the family senses something unnatural in the new home.Raksha picks up an abandoned doll from a forest stroll her kid brother claims the doll moves its head.The backyard jhoola swings on its own the newly arrived guests claim that mysterious footsteps were following them.

Rajiv,who till now was hi fiving his kids and saying’relax’to his wife for the umpteenth time,is worried.The spirit makes it clear that she’s out to kill his loved ones.Rajiv now has no option but to contact the tantric who helped him the last time.Eh video jehri tusi dekhoge neeru bajwa di eh ik film da chota jea clip hai jis ch ossne eida da seen create kita.Video dekho te share kro per bache eh video to door hi rehan.

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