Woman Driver Smashes Through Showroom Window at Hyundai Dealership in India

A Himachal Pradesh woman had a narrow escape after she accidentally drove a display car outside the showroom after ramming through the glass pane. She, along with the bystanders, barely survived in what could had been a tragic accident. CCTV cameras inside and outside the showroom captured the faux pas.The incident was reported in Mandi, where a woman visited a Hyundai car showroom. As per the visuals captured in surveillance cameras, she was seen entering inside an Elite i20 car, placed in the middle Grand i10 and i20. Shortly after getting seated, the woman used the accelerator incorrectly, which led to her shattering the showroom window and landing outside. The car crashed into another vehicle parked outside after ramming out from the showroom. Another woman, who was standing right outside the showroom had a narrow escape.

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