Parrots destroy crops in India to feed their opium habit

Parrots have been tearing apart plants to feed their bizarre opium habit in India’s Madhya Pradesh state. The birds indulge in the activity of tearing apart poppy seed pods to reach the opium. Flocks of parrots believed to be addicted to opium have been ravaging crops on Indian farms in order to feed their bizarre habit. Footage recorded in central India’s Madhya Pradesh state shows the birds indulging in the unusual activity of tearing apart poppy seed pods to get to the opium inside – much to the chagrin of the local farmers. The wild parrots have apparently learned to wait until the morphine-rich latex is exposed after the farmers slit the poppy pods to help them ripen. The farmers in Madhya Pradesh state say that along with a season of uneven rainfall, the parrots are having a serious impact on their yields.They say that attempts to scare the birds away with loudspeakers have made little difference and local authorities have not helped.The parrots could cause them to suffer huge losses, the farmers warn.

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