‘Go to Pakistan’: 20-25 men barge into Gurgaon home, assault family

Members of a Muslim family in Gurgaon’s Dhamaspur village and guests who had come to visit them were beaten with sticks and rods, allegedly by 20-25 men, who barged into their home and attacked them on Holi evening.The incident took place after some of the accused allegedly approached the boys from the family, who were playing cricket outside, and demanded that they “go to Pakistan and play”. One person was arrested for the crime late Friday night. According to the FIR, the incident took place around 5 pm, at the home of Mohammad Sajid, who hails from Uttar Pradesh and has been living here for the last three years with his wife Sameena and six children.Watch this multiple times. Register the cries & fear in your brain. This is how helpless you feel when goons encouraged by the ruling party of India enter your home & beat you up just because of your religion. Muslim household attacked in Bhonsdi, Gurgaon. This is 2019!

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