Dekho es Bande ne apni patni naal ki keeta

Two men have been arrested after a Pakistani woman took to social media alleging her husband beat her, stripped her and shaved her head after she refused to dance for him and his friends..In the video posted March 26 and translated by various media outlets, Asma Aziz said her husband “took my clothes off in front of his employees. The employees held me as he shaved my hair off and burned it. My clothes were bloody. I was bound by a pipe and hung from the fan. He threatened to hang me naked.”

Aziz, who lives in Lahore, speaks into the camera with bruises and cuts evident on her face and her head shaven. She says she was tortured two days earlier and appealed for public help. She says that her husband frequently hit her and that she regularly danced for her husband and his friends but this time she refused.

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