Dekho Hotel De Kamre Wich Ki Ho Reha c

On the last day for submitting applications for regularisation of illegal hotels in the walled city under the new Amritsar Walled City (Recognition of Usage) Act 2019, more than 100 hotel building owners have submitted applications. With this, the total number of such hotels have increased to 300.Earlier, the state government had amended the Amritsar Walled City Act in 2017 and proposed a one-time settlement policy for illegal hoteliers.

As many as 216 hoteliers had filed applications for regularisation of their properties. After scrutinising the applications, the Municipal Corporation (MC) found that not even a single hotel fulfilled the building bylaws and recommendations of the Act.Even after the ban orders issued by the Punjab and Haryana High Court on construction in the walled city in 2012, 300 hotels have on record applied for regularisation.

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