Lift wich Munde ne Kuri Naal Kar Ditta Kaand

He targeted a frail-looking woman who was deaf, tailed her into a lift and robbed her.Tan Min Bin, 29, was sentenced to three years’ jail and 12 strokes of the cane yesterday.The court heard that Tan targeted the victim, Madam Chan Mei Lei, when the 53-year-old woman was walking home after alighting at a bus stop at about 8.50pm after work on Aug 15 last year.Tan tailed Madam Chan into a lift at Block 133 Simei Street 1. While in the lift, Madam Chan began rummaging for her mobile phone in her handbag as Tan stood behind her.When the lift door opened on the ninth storey, Tan exited. However, it was only a ruse, as he dashed back in almost immediately.He pushed Madam Chan’s shoulder and tried to snatch her handbag but she resisted.During the scuffle, Tan repeatedly pushed Madam Chan, causing her upper back to hit the lift panels. He then reached into the handbag and grabbed her mobile phone, but later released it to snatch her wallet.

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