Barat da itta roreya nal kita sawagat

In this video clip you can see Barat da itta roreya nal kita sawagat.This is viral video and this video show one marriage in with peopels misbehave but what happended after see in the video.Punjabis are simple yet fun loving people who believe in expressing their emotion with gusto.Similar to their nature,their weddings reflect their life philosophy.Punjabi weddings are colorful,loud,sometimes over the top,fun filled with lots of opportunities for singing and dancing one’s heart out.

Punjabi weddings may be simple or lavish,but they ensure unlimited fun and celebration. Eh video ch dekho ki haal kita barat ch gaye sarea bandea da ke koi v dekh ke sunke eh video khabr fer nai jaoge koi v banda ja janani kise di barat ch per sara masla ki hoeya ki gal bat hoi eida da kuj ke saria bartia da kut kut ke bura haal kita gea.Video khana city di hai jithe eh sab kujj hoeya.Video dekho te share kro te apne vihcar v deo te eh video kamjor dil wale na dekhan.Video hoeya viral youtube te facebook te.We full hope you like this video clip very much,so watch this video clip and enjoy it.Thanks for watching this video clip

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