Dekho Habshi Ne Ki keeta Canada Ayee kuri naal

The matter is from Surry (Canada), after a Punjab 2 day in the past, student VIJai was living with her two friends. In the foreign countries, we know all the goodness of Studetta’s hall, so that the new girl’s girlfriend also showed her loyalty to earning money, she pushed her into the business of physio and only two weeks from India to India. Fixed a deal with the black_hephisi for $ 500 a day..The girl was physically active and therefore her cervical mausoleum was rushed to the hospital where the doctor started the basic treatment in the condition of a cancerous condition, and he said that the treatment would be done only at that time. The victim’s parents do not come
On the other hand, the first of the strangers, Sahelia accused the unauthorized Hafsi for raping her, but the police was not ready to admit that anyone can rape after coming home.Then when this case has been truncated, the matter is only confrontational. ….. So, friends, this story is not the case at that time, but many girls or boys in exotic countries, especially if you talk about it now. Seeing future dreams, taking hundreds of millions of crores of rupees from India, but having come here, going towards many wrong paths through Tangturisia … talking about the rest of the work, the people who were originally set to come to Canada Most of the Punjabi (not all) of them even treat four people with the same level of sensitivity …… All of a sudden, I would like to state that if you have a child’s fee from the age of fifty If you can fill up the child then read it out because the fees are too high and the expenses can also be … Children can not afford to pay special taxes on their own in Canada twice a year .. If you can not pay a fee Let’s stay again Do not send the girl out in a special way … otherwise, by taking them with them, you have suffered the pain and suffered the only way of life, and whose webfunding huntsman hunted every passer-by-street sit … Today it is a passage with a daughter-in-law of Punjab or tomorrow the list should be long … ….
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