Brampton ch bus service hoi free

Brampton Transit is making some changes amid the COVID-19 pandemic to ensure it is serving the community safely.Beginning on March 23, Brampton Transit will introduce free fares and there will be enhanced service from Monday through Friday.Canada ch dekho hun kis city ch bus seva free kar diti aa te eh theek hai ja nai daso eh poori video dekh ke apne apne vichar.This will include additional service on some routes and earlier morning trips on select routes.

On weekends, Brampton Transit will continue regular Saturday and Sunday service.Brampton Transit terminals and its contact centre will maintain regular hours of operation.To reduce the transmission of COVID-19 in the community, Brampton Transit will implement certain measures.

Busloads will now be limited to half seated capacity to support social distancing practices. Seats will also be blocked with yellow tape and passengers are asked to not sit in these seats.On busier routes, articulated buses will be put in place to assist with passengers’ ability to maintain social distancing while on board. This means that Zum articulated buses may be seen on regular routes, so it is important to pay attention to the destination signs on the buses.

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