Spain de hasptaal da ik video aaea samne

In this video clip you can see Spain de hasptaal da ik video aaea samne.This is real video and this video gone viral now social media.Since last night Saturday about 70 people have been referred to the facility. At the moment there are 200 beds set up in halls six and seven for patients with ‘mild’ cases of COVID-19.But the centre is gearing up for higher volumes, with the capacity being expanded to 1,300 conventional and 96 intensive care beds.The La Paz hospital is extending its emergency area with a tent outside.

To help with the crisis the Via Castellana Hotel has been assigned for the use of La Paz patients.From today it will start receiving up to 60 patients at a time. These will be people who are now recovering but cannot self isolate at home.Halls one, three and five are also available in case the emergency demands it, with plans for up to 5,000 beds should it be necessary.

The sheer volume of people affected by the virus has seen health facilities overwhelmed.Eh video sachi hai ji ke eithe eh video ch spain ch kine mreej ne cronavirus de.Video dekh ke share kro vad to vad.We full hope you like this video clip very much,so watch this video clip and enjoy it.Thanks for watching this video clip.

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