Italy ch marn walea di ginti hoi hun china nalo jada

In this video clip you can see Italy ch marn walea di ginti hoi hun china nalo jada.This is very sad and viral video and this video shwo The People Who Are In Italy.People all over the world love to roam in Italy, but today the country is facing the Coronavirus. 1 million Britons on holiday or on business trips abroad have been asked to return to the UK immediately by the Foreign Office, as they may not be able to get commercial flights within days.

In updated advice, the FCO said British citizens abroad who are resident in the UK should make urgent plans to cut short holidays and other trips and come back home straight away.Dominic Raab, the foreign secretary, said: “We are strongly urging UK travellers overseas to return home now where and while there are still commercial routes to do so. Around the world, more airlines are suspending flights and more airports are closing, some without any notice.

“Where commercial routes don’t exist, our staff are working round the clock to give advice and support to UK nationals.If you are on holiday abroad the time to come home is now while you still can.”Today, the city, called the City of Love, is completely sunny. There is an atmosphere of sadness all over the country.Dekho hun kini ginti ho ghi aa italy ch marn walea di china nalo jada ke eh hun bhot hi chinta da visha banea hoea hai.Video dekh ke apne apne vichar deo te eh video bache te kamjor dil wale na dekhan.

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