Brampton issues first physical distancing fine for backyard party

Those not practising physical distancing in Brampton can now face steep fines and the city is asking residents to report violators.Mayor Patrick Brown announced the new bylaw and fines, ranging between $500 and $100,000 as part of the city’s plan to combat community spread of COVID-19, during a telephone news conference on Tuesday, March 31.

“If residents wish to report a non-compliant business, the use of City-owned facilities that are closed (other than essential services) or gatherings of more than five people, they are asked to call 311. A bylaw enforcement officer and/or security personnel will investigate the complaint to ensure compliance and may lay charges when appropriate,” said the city in a release.People can also contact Peel Public Health at 905-799-7700 to report non-compliant bars or restaurants, which must remain closed outside of takeout or delivery services.

A call came into 311 about a backyard party of 20 people who showed complete disregard for the physical distancing requirements of public health,” said Brown during a separate media conference call on April 1.Sab kuj badn karn de bavjud vi ik ghr ch chal rahi si party te eh party canada de city Brampton ch ho rahi si te dekho fer ohna nu kina jurmana kita gea.The first night of these new fines bylaw with the assistance of Peel police laid their first fine and it’s not going to be the minimum.It is going to go straight to court and will be up to a judge to decide.

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