Nurse Quits Job In Coronavirus ICU After Being Asked to Work Without Face Masks

My sister the nurse held back tears on the front line of the pandemic.The orthopedic surgical unit in the hospital where she works got repurposed to care for people sickened by the new coronavirus.Patients she’d help get back on their feet with newly installed hips have been replaced by folks struggling to breathe thanks to COVID-19.On Sunday, her third 12 hour shift in a row my sister started her workday cussing at whoever it was refusing to give her a N95 respirator because hospital administrators are rationing them because of a nationwide shortage.

Between 7 a.m. and 7:30 p.m.there were five “Code Blue” calls that’s when a patient suddenly stops breathing.One of my sister’s patients and a man infected with COVID-19 died.After a dozen nurses at University of Illinois Hospital tested positive for COVID-19 the head of the state nurses union told me that as a matter of practice certain hospital administrations in Illinois are telling their nurses to wear common surgical masks.

While treating patients presenting COVID-19 symptoms sometimes based on questionable recommendations by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.Aa dekhlo haal amrika de ik hasptaal da jithe ik nurse ne dasea roo roo ke apna haal.Video nu dekh ke share kro te fer apne apne vichar vi deo vad to vad.Hospitals are concerned about inventory so they are doing everything they can to conserve the supplies they have.You’ve got the CDC saying if you don’t have a mask wear a bandana.

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