Family uses walkie-talkie to say goodbye to mom dying of coronavirus

A Washington state family was forced to say their final goodbye to their mom using a walkie-talkie after she contracted the novel coronavirus.In quarantine and away from her family and she was forced to say farewell to her six children using a walkie talkie propped up against her pillow.Sundee Rutter was recovering from a battle with breast cancer when she was diagnosed with the illness currently sweeping through the U.S. and around the world.

The Marysville Wash the woman was recovering from a year long cancer battle before her diagnosis of COVID-19.She was isolated and her kids weren’t able to be by her side anymore.She thought she had the flu probably Ross-Rutter said. It was kind of hard for us to understand how she could get it because not that many people had it around here.

At first doctors thought she had pneumonia but the next day she tested positive for COVID-19 he explained.Ki eida vi ho sakda hai te kise ne eida ta kadi vi nai sochea hovega jida eh video ch dikhea gea hai per eh video ch jo vi dikhea dasea gea hai ohh bilkul sach hai te eh video major dil wale na dekhan.

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