Bhai Nirmal Singh Khalsa’s last call to his family

In this video clip you can see Bhai Nirmal Singh Khalsa’s last call to his family.This is very shocking auido and this audio now gone viral social media.The passing of Bhai Nirmal Singh Khalsa, early on Thursday in Amritsar marks the end of a distinct tradition in blending music and mysticism. Though the pangs of partition were fresh in his mind when his parents fled the erstwhile Montogmery district to restart the family’s life at Mandala in Punjab as farmers in penury the evolved and youthful Nirmal Singh took to music.

He got a measly wazifa for playing the harmonium and singing that many in his industrious farming family scoffed at. Unmindful he moved ahead to teach music at the Gurmat College Rishikesh in 1977 then his alma mater in Amritsar and Ganga Nagar Rajasthan only to realise before long that it is those who cannot perform who teach.By 1979 Nirmal Singh believed that his conscious calling was to enlist himself as a singer at the Golden Temple where he went on to spend decades to rise to be the ‘Hazoori Ragi’ at Sach Khand Sri Harmandir Saheb.

It opened up opportunities and enabled him create his own compositions to emerge as one of the finest raagis with mastery of all 31 raags in the Gurbani and perform at the other four takhts and other historical gurudwaras.Eh audio bhot hi viral ho reha hai dekho kyu facebook te youtube te,apne apne vichar deo eh auido call nu sunke.Travel as an exponent of the Gurbani, as he recalled proudly, “to 71 countries may not have been possible as a farmer.

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