Jalandhar Sees Dhauladhar Range For The First Time Ever Pictures

As nations continue to slide under the imposition of a lockdown people all around the world are in a state of fear and anticipation.People have been asked to retreat into their homes as countries have gone under lockdown to curb the spread of Coronavirus.While this is happening wild animals are slipping cover to explore the empty streets of some of the biggest cities and nature is getting a chance to rejuvenate after decades.

The world wide lockdown and restrictions on movement to contain the Coronavirus pandemic has led to a drastic reduction in air pollution.The cities are witnessing clean air and lesser traffic.Ji ha eh bilkul sach hai jo vi eh tusi video ch dekhoge te eh video nu dekhan to bad tusi video nu share v krna hai.This effect of clean air was also visible in Jalandhar which witnessed the sight of the snow-clad Himalayan ranges.

The snow-covered Himachal’s Dhauladhar ranges situated in Himachal Pradesh’s Kangra district became a sight to behold for the people of Jalandhar.People who shared the images of the incredible sight claimed that the incident took place almost after 30 years.

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