Italy donated equipment to China but now China wants Italy to buy it back

At the peak of the Covid-19 outbreak in China now Italy had donated Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) to China and now when Italy is in dire need of PPE,China wants to sell them to Italy according to a report in the Spectator magazine.The China originated bug which crossed continents to make Italy its epicentre in Europe wreaked havoc on its people especially the frontline warriors- the doctors and nurses.

Within days more than 15,000 people were killed and over a lakh others got affected by the dangerous pathogen.In an attempt to restore its humanitarian image following the crisis China projected to the world that it would donate PPE to Italy.A senior Trump administration official was quoted by The Spectator as saying that it is much worse than that and China forced Italy to buy back the PPE supply that it gave to China during the initial coronavirus outbreak.

Spain had to return 50,000 quick-testing kits to China after discovering that they were faulty.In some cases instead of apologizing or fixing the issue China has blamed its defective equipment on others.Aa dekho ki ho gea hune hune video dekh ke aape daso hun tusi.te sache sahi vichar deo kisde pakh ch ho tusi hun.It condescendingly told The Netherlands to ‘double-check the instructions’ on its masks for example after The Netherlands complained that half of the masks they were sent did not meet safety standards, the media reported.

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