Dr. Anthony Fauci discusses the latest in the against coronavirus

In White House briefings on Saturday and Sunday Trump urged Americans worried about the virus to try hydroxychloroquine a drug used to treat malaria arthritis and lupus that has not been extensively tested for other conditions.Donald Trump’s top coronavirus adviser has warned again that there is no scientific evidence to support the use of an unproven anti malaria drug the president has been pushing as a possible remedy for Covid-19.

What do you have to lose and Trump said on Saturday suggesting he might do so himself after asking “my doctors”.On Sunday Trump said America doesn’t have time “to take a couple years” to test the efficacy of the drug in treating Covid-19.But Dr Anthony Fauci the nation’s top doctor on infectious diseases and a key member of the White House taskforce was adamant there was nothing to suggest the medicine had any benefit against coronavirus.

Fauci has been reluctant to directly criticise the president with whom he speaks regularly but has found himself repeatedly having to contradict the president over hydroxychloroquine which has become a hobby horse at White House briefings.Dekho eh video ch hun fauci ne ki keha loka nu crona virus bare ke eh video viral ho gea.

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