French politicians accuse US of buying up Chinese face masks bound for France

Americans pay three or four times the amount we payed and in cash said Jean Rottner head of France’s eastern region one of the areas worst affected by the coronavirus outbreak according to reports by France Info.On Thursday a planeload of Chinese made face masks were bought up right on the tarmac just as the much needed protective gear was about to set off for France.

We are working around the clock to ensure these masks arrive says Rottner blaming unfair competition for delays.The United States which now has the highest number of known cases of coronavirus in the world is trying to procure any masks available disrupting deliveries to other nations another report by French daily Liberation indicated.

The health ministry aware of the limited supplies decided to order only a small amount of masks, despite internal warnings writes Mediapart.The news site says the government knowingly covered up the shortage of masks for over two months changing its health advice accordingly.China ne france nu maasak den lyee rakhi eh vadi shart ke koi soch vi nai sakda.Initially the director of health insisted any person in contact with a coronavirus patient wear a mask, but as stocks began to dwindle he made a U-turn and insisted it was no longer necessary.

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