Harvard Doctor arrested for creating and selling the new coronavirus to China

A viral claim on social media alleges the U.S. government has “just discovered and arrested” Dr.Charles Lieber from Harvard University for “manufacturing and selling” the new coronavirus to China.Different iterations of the claim have been shared in multiple languages over 79,000 times on Facebook as of April 7,2020, according to Crowdtangle.

Some posts include a genuine news report from an ABC station along with falsevideo descriptions.While the Department of Justice did arrest Dr.Charles Lieber chair of the Chemistry and Chemical Biology Department at Harvard University, this wasnot for creating the new coronavirusnor for selling it to China.Lieber and two non-Harvard Chinese researchers werecharged with lying about their alleged links to the Chinese government.

The charges were part of an aggressive effort by U.S. authorities to block what they say are Chinese attempts to steal American scientific and technological advances.Video ch dekho hun tak di sab to vadi te viral khabr aa rahi aa ji te eh video u dekh ke share kro te apne apne vichar vi deo.On January 28,2020, prosecutors charged Lieber with lying about participating in China’s Thousand Talents Plan which aims to attract research specialists working overseas.

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