Indian man ‘died by suicide’ after becoming convinced he was infected

An Indian father of three took his own life after convincing himself he had contracted coronavirus and would infect his family it has been reported.K. Bala Krishna who lives in a small village in the Chittoor district of Andhra Pradesh was told by doctors he had contracted an unknown virus after falling ill.

However the 50 year old became convinced he had picked up the coronavirus now known as Covid-19 after watching videos online.Alarming clips have been widely circulated on Indian social media of Chinese victims collapsing in public or being seemingly forced into government medical facilities against their will.

Mr Bala Krishna’s family tried to reason with him arguing that he had not come into contact with anyone else suffering from the virus.However he self quarantined himself and pelted family and friends with stones when they approached.

According to reports in the Times of India he sneaked out of the family home during the early hours of Monday and took his own life.Video ch dasea gea hai ke bhart ch jada lok crona nal nai sago oh crona de darr to khud khdu kar rahe ne.It is thought to be the first death by suicide anywhere in the world linked to the coronavirus outbreak.

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