Ramanjeet Singh death in canada

COVID 19 has affected everyone in many ways and this family has suffered a tragic loss.Ramanjeet Singh 23 years old son of Tehal Singh was a student residing in Surrey the B.C.He was currently trying to renew his visa which had expired meaning he had no medical coverage when this all occurred.On Friday April 3rd he was taken to the hospital with difficulty of breathing.

He was suspected to be COVID 19 positive and was isolated accordingly.Unfortunately the doctors declared he was brain dead and only his heart.On April 6th the doctor confirmed his heart stopped beating at 10 pm so he was taken off the ventilator.He was the only child in his family and He has no family in Canada as his immediate family and relatives are still back in India or in the U.S.All flights have been cancelled due to this pandemic therefore the family cannot come to Canada to arrange and perform the funeral rites.

Likewise he currently cannot be sent home for his funeral and for his family to see him for the last time.We are hoping to raise enough money to cover the medical expenses as well as the funeral expenses.Dekho ik hor bharti munde di canada ch cronavirus karke mautt ho ghi hai.

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