Must listen about dosage of Hydroxychloroquine

President Trump can’t seem to stop talking about hydroxychloroquine.There is currently no proven treatment for the coronavirus and Covid-19, the respiratory disease it causes, leading political figures to grasp for potentially effective stopgap measures as the global death toll nears 100,000. Hydroxychloroquine, used for decades as a medication to treat malaria and lupus, has generated by far the most excitement.

Trump, it appears, has sided with his economic adviser and has repeatedly contradicted Fauci, a physician-researcher who leads the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. He even said he would consider taking the drug himself, as a preventive measure.

The president’s enthusiasm for hydroxychloroquine has also sparked a run on the drug, in some cases preventing patients with lupus, who have relied on the drug for years from refilling their prescriptions.Amrika ch dekho hun dawai milan te loka ne ki kita ke eh video viral ho gea.There is also some evidence that some Americans have tried to self-administer chloroquine formulations in the wake of Trump’s comments.

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