Sarpanch Call Recording Gone Viral

In this video clip you can see Sarpanch Call Recording Gone Viral.This is very shameful and shocking audio call by one village sarpanch talking about bad word used with married women.Eh dekhlo ji haal ik pind de hi sarpanch da jo ke ik pind di viahi hoi kudi di madat karn di bijaye oss nal eida dia galla karda pea ke koi vi sunke hearn ho javega te eh sarpanch nu lakh laahnta pavega.

The gram panchayat is divided into wards and each ward is represented by a Ward Member or Commissioner, also referred to as a Panch or Panchayat Member, who is directly elected by the villagers.Baki eh audio clip nu bache na sunan bss ohi sunan jina di umar atharan sal to uper aa ghtt umar wale eh audio na sunan.

The panchayat is chaired by the president of the village known as a Sarpanch.Eh audio kis pind di hai eh nai pata per tusi eh suno eh sarpanch di kini maari soch aa jo ke eida di gall kar reha hai ke osde ghr vi ta dhee nuuh hai.Per eh audio call oss viahi hoi aurat ne record kar layee nalo nal te fer osne eh audio call nu youtube te upload karta te eh hun audio call social media te bhot hi jada viral ho rahi hai.We full hope you like this audio clip very much,so listen this audio clip and enjoy it.Thanks for watching this audio clip.

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