How the coronavirus led to the highest ever spike in US gun sales

With the death toll climbing every day and most of the country under some form of lockdown many Americans seem to be turning to guns as part of their response.And it’s not just about fears over social disorder say experts.The FBI conducted 3.7m background checks in March 2020 the highest total since the instant background check programme began in 1998.

The figure represents an increase of 1.1m over March 2019.According to Georgia State University law school professor Timothy Lytton an expert on the US gun industry most new gun sales are being motivated by two factors that have been spurred on by the coronavirus crisis.

The first is the concern that civil society fire police and health services could be severely “eroded” someday, leading to a breakdown in law and order.In such a case a gun can be viewed as a “self-help” survival tool he says.Dekho eh video ch ke hun kyu lok hataayr kheed rahe ne usa de ke eh video viral ho gea.

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