Asia Coronavirus in India, Bihar’s healthcare system faces risk of collapse

The COVID-19 pandemic is putting huge pressure on the already fragile health care system in the Indian state.Poor planning a lack of protective equipment and low public awareness are exacerbating the challenge.According to protocol we should be given an N95 mask a personal protective equipment kit and sanitizer.

Our situation is so dire that we use HIV kits to protect ourselves while treating patients.We also wear one pair or two pairs of gloves for eight hours.We reuse the gloves by sanitizing them and we am scared that then will contract the coronavirus if we continue to treat petients without proper safety equipment Sanjeev a doctor at the Jawaharlal Nehru Medical College and Hospital in the city of Bhagalpur in Bihar told DW.

Testing for the coronavirus in Bihar is low creating pressure on doctors who may be dealing with coronavirus patients who have not yet been diagnosed.The state has just one research center that tests coronavirus samples which are then sent to the western Indian city of Pune for a second confirmation.Kina sach hai eh khabr ch aape parlo eh khabr nu ik var tusi.He is fighting for his life every day while treating patients in the government hospital.His situation is not different from other doctors across Bihar one of the poorest states in India.

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