UK PM Boris Johnson remains ‘stable’ in intensive care with coronavirus

U.K.Prime Minister Boris Johnson was stable and in good spirits uesday and was getting standard oxygen treatment in the intensive care unit for the coronavirus his spokesman said.The spokesman also said the 55 year old prime minister was breathing without any other assistance.He has not required mechanical ventilation or noninvasive too respiratory support the spokesman told reporters.Downing Street confirmed that the prime minister has not been diagnosed with pneumonia.

Johnson was hospitalized Sunday and admitted to intensive care Monday after his condition worsened over the course of the afternoon.The coronavirus attacks the respiratory system and can cause pneumonia.Uk da pardhan mantri thek ho gea hai ese tara rabb sarea nu jaldi thek kare video dekh ke share kro srabat de bhalle lyee.For the worst cases, a ventilator is required to take over the breathing process and to allow the immune system to concentrate on opojit the virus.But ventilators carry risks more more in the video.

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