Punjabi singer Kaur B clears rumors about her isolation

Kaur B was good at co curricular activities in her school days and often used to participate in singing and dance competitions.She took her training in music from Professor Guru Pratap Singh Gill.Punjabi Singer Kaur B allegedly crossed 4 districts in Punjab without having curfew pass amid lockdown.

As per the Sangrur district’s health department and she was in isolation for the past 15 days.ABP News had a word with Kaur B over a phone call in which she explained the whole situation and said the rumors of her being in isolation are wrong.

On Friday a team of health department came to the house.Kaur b di kal ik video aai si ke oh hun crona karke ekalle rehnge per asal ki hai sara sach hun ik hor aaj di video matlab ke ik audio call rahi dasea hai ik interviu ch kaur b ne.Eh khabr bare ki kahoge tusi daso eh audio call nu sunan to bad apne apne vichar deo.Eh khabr hun social media te bhot hi jada viral ho rahi aa.

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