Rewatching Contagion actually calmed my coronavirus panic

Contagion follows the story of Beth Emhoff played by Gwyneth Paltrow who was the first patient to contract a deadly virus that quickly spread and found itself becoming a huge global concern.The movie also stars Marion Cotillard as Dr Leonora Orantes an epidemiologist studying the virus and Kate Winslet as Dr Erin Mears an epidemic intelligence officer.

In between the bombardment of news from my social media feeds about selfish people getting into fisticuffs over sodding toilet roll to the perceived threat of walking outside inhaling and then immediately dying in the street re-watching a film where people suffer a frothy mouthed demise in the opening minutes just seemed like the worst thing to put my panic riddled mind through.As my patient partner will attest my anxiety has hit some pretty gnarly highs the past couple of months.

Weirdly 106 minutes later I came out the other side the most calm we have been throughout this whole pandemic.Albeit on a Hollywood and slightly dramatised level and we felt informed and affirmed in my own ideologies but yet again a little dismayed by how selfish humans can be to one another.Eh movie ch dekho ohi kuj dikhea gea hai jo ke aaj kal ho reha hai.Video nu share kro vad to vad per dekhan to bad.

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