Trump says he’s ‘not determined’ to open the country in May as it happened

Donald Trump said whether to ease physical distancing guidelines is the biggest decision he’ll ever make.He also said his appearances at the coronavirus taskforce briefings are the “saddest” ones he’s had to do.New York’s governor, Andrew Cuomo is cautiously optimistic the infection rate is slowing in his state.New York City crossed 5000 confirmed coronavirus cases as of 5pm tonight.

A major coronavirus outbreak at a homeless shelter in San Francisco renewed demands from advocates that the city prevent a devastating spread of infection by housing the homeless in the citys many empty hotel rooms.Activists and family members are holding socially distant protests to demand the release of loved ones incarcerated in prisons and jails across the United States.

In New York tonight activists held a candlelight vigil over social media.Dekho hun amrika ne ki karta ke koi soch vi nai sakda india to aaun wale lok amrika hun aasani nal nai ja saknge gumman te na hi visa miloge jaldi ohna nu jida pehla hunda si hun oda nai hovega.In RichmondVirginia they rallied in their cars.My son is essential to me one mother of a jailed 19 year old wrote on her protest sign.

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