Fruit may mask taste of dark green vegetables in commercial baby foods

The resulting lack of dark green vegetable taste matters,said team leader John Hayes associate professor of food science at Penn State because young children don not learn to like the taste of broccoli spinach brussels sprouts and kale to name a few unless they repeatedly are exposed to them.So they may not want to eat them later.

Because vegetables are an important but under consumed part of a healthy diet there is growing interest in promoting vegetable acceptance and consumption among infants to help establish life long healthy eating patterns noted Hayes director of the Sensory Evaluation Center in Penn States College of Agricultural Sciences.He suggested that many well meaning parents who want their young children to eat and like dark green vegetables may be fooled by misleading content descriptions.

If parents don not stop and taste these foods themselves the front of the package may lead them to think these products taste like vegetables rather than a fruit puree he said.Ki sabjia khania chidia sanu ke nai te kehria khania chidia ne eh video ch dasea gea hai te eh video nu share v kro vad to vad dekh ke ik var eh poori video nu.A recent survey of commercial baby food products in the United States conducted by some researchers on the team revealed a lack of variety in the types of vegetables offered.

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